Monday, January 12, 2009

About Me

This is me- Laura. (Friends who follow my other blogs know me as Swirl- it was a nickname only used when blogging.)

To be honest I have a real LOVE - HATE -HATE relationship with computers and technology in general.

They scare me a bit too-- seeing what our final projects are suppose to look like.. makes me doubt my my ability in being able to pull this off. It is going to be a hair-pulling few weeks- good thing I just watched Gloria's tutorial on extensions and weaves... I might have to contact her!

I am very excited to learn the information in this course... if Brother Chan is really able to teach my thick/numb brain how to do all we are suppose to do.... it is going to be the BEST CLASS EVER!

My dream job, when I grow up, is to have an on-line website that generates an income. Currently, I host book clubs for my sons and share my outlines on the Internet. I would like to share my outlines for free, but earn an income through advertisements. The more experience with computers the better my site will be. You can see my current site at .

Finishing my Elementary Ed degree will also make my outlines more academic. Right now I focus on just getting boys to read! Motivating reluctant readers. But I see if I really want my site to be successful, it needs to be a resource for the homeschooling community and they want "educational book club outlines". So I am eager to get my teaching certificate too.

This is my second computer class from Brother Chan. I have learned everything I know about pod casting from him (which sad to say- isn't much I still struggle to get them attached to my blogs.). I barely got by his one credit class -last term... and like I said.. I am a s-l-o-w learner when it comes to computers and have ZERO retention skills..

My family hopes this class will be manageable for me- because they like clean clothes and warm meals... things I tend to over-look when I am frazzled by how to upload homework or projects on my blog... ( Oh - my family you ask? Right now I am happily married and have 4 boys- ages 12, 9, 6, & 3 years old and two guinea pigs.) I'll keep you posted on this status as the term continues.


  1. You Go, Girl! I mean, You Go, Swirl!

  2. I keep singing that song from Napoleon Dynamite: Why? Do I love Technology?

  3. My class is going to think I am the most popular swirl in the world! I have two followers already!
    You gals are sweet!

  4. I don't know how you do it! You are my hero!